How We Help

doug and leslie gustafson marriage therapists, marriage coach, life coach

We're Doug & Leslie Gustafson -

Mentors and Coaches for Men, Women and Couples Who Want to Find and Create a New Life.

As Master Therapists, Mentors and Coaches, we don’t help in the ordinary ways you might expect. We offer programs that take you out of the marriage counseling model and into a model that works-


The couples we work with have often-tried one or more marriage counselors or workshops – and come up empty.
That’s because they don’t work. Plain and simple.

We know what works – we know the exact steps needed to transform your marriage – yes transform.

Our heart and determination is to get you there – and to do so quickly. It can’t happen slowly.
Progress has to be radical, intensive and uplifting with high levels of momentum. We are truly masters of getting you where you need to go.

We show you the way – and we walk you there.

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